Club Merchandise & Fundraising

Having quality, custom printed merchandise made for your club or organisation often means a large initial cost, with minimal return. At Confetti May, we take the stress away!


  • No need for bulk ordering, all orders are taken individually, meaning no cost outlay. 
  • A Booklet of digital mock ups with your logo is provided that includes all products available, With order forms to be given to those purchasing your merchandise. Many of our items can also have names included with your logo.
  • Your merchandise is also available to purchase directly from our website, your club / organisation will have a section on our site, which includes all digital mock ups and further details.
  • You set the date for orders to be placed and paid by, once this date has arrived we will process the orders and deliver them to you for distribution. 
  • 10% of all purchases made of your merchandise will go straight back to you.


For more information, or to request a sample pack, complete the below contact form or email.